1950s_nurse.jpgnurse_gathering_data.jpgNursing Research Historical Timeline1951-1980

Silvia Gamboa, Kevin Jordan, Gina Santos, Rebekah Wood

In 1952, the first journal of research, Nursing Research, was published. The focus of research was on methodology and delivery of nursing services. The main topics included nursing personnel such as staffing patterns, satisfaction, and unit organization. Topics regarding patient care included patient satisfaction and types of care such as home, comprehensive, and progressive care. These studies essentially assisted in developing self-study manuals that are equivalent to the quality assurance manuals we encounter today (Burns & Groves, 2009).

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In 1955, American Nurses Foundation the was estblished. The foundation was responsible for funding of nursing research funds. The American Nurses Foundation also was responsible for research programs, nursing consulation, and bringing interest to nursing research (Burns, 2009). The American Nurses Foundation in conjunction with Sigma Theta Tau International supports grants for nursing researchers.If you are a nurse with a masters or doctorial degree or soon to have a doctorial degree and would like to apply for a grant for your research please visitAmerican Nurses Foundation Grant
The International Journal of Nursing Studies was first published in 1963. The journal publishes research papers, clinical reports, international reviews, and book reviews. Helping nurses and nurse educators have a better understanding of international development for nurses is the primary purpose of this journal. The journal includes research articles and reviews for nurses, midwives, nursing educators, nursing administrators, and researchers regarding all aspects of nursing.
How to submit work to the International Journal of Nursing Studies

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1965In 1965, the American Nurses Association (ANA) sponsored the first nursing research conferences. It was required for all presented studies to have been conducted by nurse researchers and pertinent to nursing. This was an important requirement for the nursing profession because nursing is unique, and research conducted by those in the profession will further develop its body of knowledge. Research pertinent to the nursing profession also develops the body of knowledge needed for evidence-based practice in nursing. Such conferences became important for the distribution of information generated from nursing research and continue to be instrumental in the dissemination of nursing research outcomes today (Burns & Grove, 2009).

In 1967, Image, a journal by Sigma Theta Tau first published. Sigma Theta Tau is the International Honor Society for nursing. This organization was reponsible for sponsoring many nursing conferences internationally and locally to spread research findings.The goal of Sigma Theta Tau was to increase scholarships in nursing. The focus was to promote the conduct, communication and the use of research. The main topics of the journals included in Image focuses on research methodologies (Burns & Groves, 2009).

In 1970 the American Nurses Association established the Commission on Nursing Research. This resulted in the commission's creation of the Council of Nurse Researchers in 1972. The Council of Nurse Researchers helped with the development of research endeavors, gave credit to meritorious research, and facilitated the discussion of research ideas. This event was significant to the history of nursing research because the commission also established its position on the rights of research subjects as well as federal guidelines regarding research. The Commission on Nursing Research was also instrumental in the rise of nursing research studies because it supported research programs in the United States and around the world (Burns & Grove, 2009).

In this video, the ANA's archivist Richard Barry interprets a mural depicting nursing's past, present, and future (American Nurses Association, 2011).

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Cover image for Vol. 34 Issue 6

Research in Nursing and Health was first published in 1978. The journal is a peer-reviewed research journal focusing on research and theory informing the practice of health disciplines and nursing. Editors encourage and invite research on nursing education administration, health issues related to nursing, and testing research in practice. Preference is given to new research and theory development as opposed to research that is simply reviewed.

Advances in Nursing Science was first published in 1978. The journal is a peer-reviewed journal often used by doctoral nursing students. The focus is on pioneering approaches and perspectives guiding nursing practice today. Each issues contains one research topic having implications for providing patient care.


The Western Journal of Nursing Research was first published in 1979. The journal is a peer-reviewed journal of nursing regarding clinical research in nursing. The journal offers students, nurse researchers, and clinical practitioners the ability of ongoing scholarly debate. The format helps broaden clinical research through commentaries and authors' responses.

Burns, N. (2009). The practice of nursing research: Appraisal, synthesis, and generation of evidence. Retrieved from the University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.