Nursing Historical Events 1900-1950

1900-Florence Nightingale the 1st Nurse Scientist research

Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) was an advocated for a corp of nurses to provide nursing care to British troops during the Crimean war in 1856. Nightingale accompanied the corps of nurses and paid almost all of their expenses. Upon returning to England Nightingale began the first school of nursing at St. Thomas Hospital. Florence Nitingale addressed issues with physician not washing their hands.

1902- Ellen Dougherty, a New Zealand Nurse becomes the first Registered Nurse in the world

Ellen Dougherty (September 20, 1844 to November 3, 1919)is a New Zealand nurse was the first Registered Nurse in the world. Dougherty received a certificate in Nursing 1887. She received her training at Wellington Hospital. Upon accepting a position at Palmerston North Hospital in 1901 she first addressed providing basic supplies for the hospital as antibiotics had not been discovered and hospitals used large quantities of linen to help prevent infections. New Zealand in September 1901 became the first country to have separate legislation for registration and regulation of nurses.

1911-Association of American Nurses formed (ANA)

The ANA is more than 100 years old. It was founded in 1896 as the Nurses Alumnae Association, with 20 nurses attending the first meeting to create a professional association for nurses. However none of the nurses in attendance were registered nurses, s there were no licensing regulations for nursing at that time. In 1900the organization published the American Nurse, and one year later the first state first nursing legislation was formed to help regulated the practice of nursing. In 1911 the name of the organization was changed to tthe American Nurses Association. Over the the decades the organization has grown rapidly and the organization attempts to represent the interest of nurses around the world.

1912-American Red Cross establshes 68 Rural Visiting Nurse Services

1912-The National Organizaton for Public Health Nursing was founded

1922-Sigma Theta Tau founded

1923-Yale School of Nursing becomes the first autonomous school of nursing in the U.S.

1932-Association of Collegiate Schools of Nursing organized

1948-National Health Services is launched on July 5

1950-ANA established Code of Ethics and published study of nursing function and activities

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Nursing Historical Events 1900-1950

1902: Ellen Dougherty, a New Zealand Nurse becomes the first Registered Nurse in the world.

1909: Ludie Andrews sued the Georgia State Board of Examiners to secure black nurses the right to take the state board examination and become licensed. She succeeded in 1920.

1912: American Red Cross established 68 Rural Visiting Nurse Service programs providing home nurses.

1914: Dorothea Orem developed Self-Care Theory

1918: Francis Reed Elliot is enrolled as the first African American in the Red Cross Nursing Service

1919: Faye Abdella Twenty One Nursing Problems

1923: Yale School of Nursing becomes the first autonomous school of nursing in the U.S. with its own dean, faculty, budget, and degree meeting the standards of the University. The curriculum was based on an educational plan rather than on hospital service.

1923: Imogene King introduced the Goal Attainment Theory

1924: Betty Neuman System Model

1945: Ida V. Moffett led in the implementation of legislation which led to the licensure of LPN

1948: Lillian H. Holland initiated the first baccalaureate program of nursing in the state of Alabama.

1949: Mary E. Carnegie first black person ever elected to the board of Florida Association with the right to speak and vote


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In 1912, the National Organization for Public Health Nursing was founded.

In 1919 – The UK passes the Nursing act of 1919 which provides for registration of nurses, but it will not become effective until 1923. The first name entered in the register as SRN 001 was Ethel Gordon Fenwick.

1923 – The first Brazilian higher education institution of nursing, named after nursing pioneer Ana Neri, is launched in Rio de Janerio by Carlos Chagas aiming at implementing the "Nightingale model" nationwide.

Brilliance and Bureaucracy: Nursing and Changes in the Rockefeller Foundation, 1915-1930

1944 - The first baccalaureate nursing program in the Commonwealth of Virginia is created at the Hampton University School of nursing

1948 – The national health services is launched on July 5.

The Origins of Geriatric Nursing: The Chronically iIl Elderly in Almshouses and Nursing Homes, 1900-1950